Guitar Lessons Online Or In Person

 About My Lessons  –  Online  –  Face-to-Face –  School Lessons

I am Bradley Overton, a dedicated guitar instructor from the United Kingdom. With over two decades of personal guitar experience and 15 years of teaching, I’ve honed my craft. I also serve as a Music Examiner for the RSL Awards. My expertise spans from Debut/Grade 1 to Grade 8 and Diploma Level, complemented by a Bachelor of Arts in music from De Montfort University and RSL Grade 8 Performance and Theory qualifications.

While specializing in electric and acoustic guitar, I can also guide you in mastering banjo, ukulele, and bass. Lessons are conducted online via Skype, transcending geographical barriers.

Sessions are ยฃ20 for 30 minutes, conveniently payable through GoCardless. For further details, refer to the terms and conditions.

Please do check out my guitar lessons on Facebook for pictures and student exam success.

Ready to elevate your musical journey? Contact me to embark on a melodious adventure.

Rock on!