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My name is Bradley Overton I am a UK-based guitar teacher that offers online or face-to-face guitar lessons and guitar tuition for players at all levels.


I have been playing the guitar for 20+ years and teaching for 15+ Years. I also currently work as a contracted Music Examiner for RSL Awards.

In my own teaching practice, I tutor students through Exams from Debut/Grade 1 all the way up to Grade 8 and Diploma Level.


I have a BA Degree in music from De Monfort University, DipLCM Diploma in electric guitar, LLCM Diploma in electric Guitar, Grade 8 Performance from RSL and Grade 8 Theory from LCM, and top music A-levels. I specialize in teaching electric and acoustic guitar but do also teach banjo, ukulele and bass.


I’m currently teaching the majority of my lessons online via Skype I have students from all over the UK and Internationally.


Lessons are currently £18 per 30 min 1-2-1.  All lessons are paid for via GoCardless on a monthly direct debit. Please see the terms and conditions for a breakdown.


Payments for lessons are done online via GoCardless Direct Debit System for small businesses. 


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